13 January 2018

Checker Box with Graph paper

I learnt about this new way of using the notebook during a visit to the museum. 
I cant remember which historical explorer used his notebook in this manner, but I found that it was pretty neat with this way of Organising his notes.
In each box, he wrote down is discovery, and even drew little sketches inside the box.

I decided to give it a try.

27 December 2017

Bye Country Fair, & Hello Kraft Graph.

Didn’t expect to “finish” this Field Notes Country Fair in such short period, but it’s getting rather messy inside. 

So, let’s have a fresh start with Kraft Graph to welcome the new year.

24 December 2017

Why do I only use Field Notes, for now?

"Why do you use Field Notes notebooks?"

If you are Field Notes user, I am sure this is a familiar question.


21 December 2017

Date on my notebook

This is how I use the Blank and Write logo to write the date I started using the notebook.