4 September 2017

The set up of my Camel Traveler's Notebook.

If you own a Traveler's Notebook, at some point of time, you will be curious on how other users set up their TNs, how they use their TNs, where they buy this, where they buy that, etc, etc. 
It is COMMON. 

Being a Traveler's Notebook user for the past 9 years, I am still curious about other user's TN. 
I am always curious how they use their TNs, and how they do the set up. 

Personally, I carry 3 TNs everyday, and each of them serve different purposes. 

Question: Why do you carry so many Traveler's Notebook? 

Soon, you will find out. 

For now, let me share about my Camel Traveler's Notebook.

31 August 2017

Travel Journal for Japan 2017 (Part 2)

Hello again!! 

I hope you had enjoy my previous post, Travel Journal for Japan (Part 1).
And thank you for your positive comments and encouragements.

For this installment, I will share the second notebook, or Travel Journal, for my Japan Trip.
For this trip, I used the "Have A Nice Trip" notebooks which I bought from Traveler's Factory at Narita Airport Terminal 2. I bought 3 of this notebook for my Travel Journal, and ended up using two. It is always good to prepare more than less.
If you have any questions regarding my Travel Journal, do drop me a message using the message box function on the Right hand side, and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. 


26 August 2017

Travel Journal for Japan 2017 (Part 1)

Every holiday is an opportunity to learn about new places, new cultures and meet more new people. 

Having a travel journal allow me to keep the memories I had in the foreign land. 
Its a place where I pen down my experiences and my feelings. 
Its a record book for my receipts, admission tickets, maps and the beautiful postcards.
Its a photo album for some of the beautiful photos that I'd taken with moblie phone.
Its a sketchbook where I practice my sketching / drawing / painting. 

So what's inside this cloth bag?