Traveler’s Notebook Blue Edition & Accessories

Traveler’s Notebook Blue edition was launched in 2015, and ever since, Traveler’s Notebook users all over the World have been crazy about it.

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As a Blue TN user myself, I must say, it is really a very charming notebook.
I had used it as my Travel Journal when I went overseas.
Now, I am using it as my journal, carrying it everywhere I go.
Certainly, it attracts the attention of many other TN users.
I remember one user telling me that the Blue TN is still available in the market.

Sure it is.
Getting a copy of this TN Blue edition on the internet is not that difficult, really.
But many people are not willing to pay.
Now, this TN Blue edition cost about US$450 (cheapest I know), not including the accessories like the pen holder or the brass pen. Even a used Blue TN cost about USD$300.

For PAN-AM fans, they will include the necessary the accessories to make it look complete.
A quick check, the PAN-AM blue pen holder is no longer available anywhere, even you are willing to pay a price for it. And the PAN AM brass pen cost about USD$102.

If you do a simple calculation, a TN Blue edition + pen holder (if you manage to find) + brass pen + zipper pouch, will easily cost you a good USD$650, or even more.

Until recently, I shared with a fellow TN user that I still have a copy of the Midori TN Blue edition, and she actually encouraged me to let it go so that other users can have it.
What she said is true; "Why am I holding on to it when I am already using one?"

And so, I decided to part some of my collections; a total of 13 items (all items unopened) to ONE user who will appreciate and treasure this limited edition:

1: New Midori Traveler's Notebook Blue Edition
2: PAN AM Pen Holder
3: PAN AM Brass Ball Point Pen

5 & 6: PAN AM notebooks
7: PAN AM Zipper pocket

7: PAN AM Aeroplane Sticker
8: PAN AM logo sticker
9 & 10: PAN AM Sticker Pack (11 stickers in each pack)
11: PAN AM sticker Pack (8 stickers)

12: PAN AM customised sticker for 2016 dairy
13: PAN AM customised sticker for 2017 dairy

Looking at the current trend, I am going to sell this whole set (13 items) below the current market rate.

This set will cost only USD$550, and USD$65 for international postage (with tracking number).

Like I mentioned earlier, there is only 1 set available.

If you have any questions, do drop me at email and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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